About Pelican Pro

Pelican Pro isn’t just another power washing company. We are courteous, highly trained, sophisticated, cleaning professionals. Our sole purpose is to protect your most valuable investment. We do this by getting your home on a customized cleaning routine that will guarantee to keep your home a beautiful, welcoming place.

Pelican Pro Core Values  Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation

  • Innovation: we use cutting edge technology, systems, and equipment to provide better service more efficiently, at great value for Home Owners.

  • Professionalism: as cleaning professionals have a standardized approach to each task. This ensures that every interaction is completed with bravado

  • Integrity: our brand is built on trust. We are here to serve your home and community for the long haul. That means we are dedicated to the quality of our work.

Jacob Paull, Founder

Sebastien Leduc